The stage is set for your text 

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to express, you just don't know how – does this sound familiar to you? 

Let me help you share your knowledge. 

  • Revising presentations for lectures and trainings 

  • Elaboration / finalization of draft texts, proofreading, correcting, and editing 

  • Outlining publications for industry-relevant media, based on your information 

  • Translations German/English, English/German  

Your text to the point

Sometimes operating instructions seem complicated, confusing, and unclear. Presenting complex issues in a clear, simple, and understandable way is not easy!

Share your expertise with me. I let your knowledge have its say .

  • Writing technical documents according to manufacturer information

  • Elaboration of operating instructions and application documents 

  • Preparation of short manuals

  • Graphical presentation of information


Texts are thoughts made visible, ideas - and sometimes feelings - put on paper.

Share your thoughts with me. I let your ideas have their say. 

Your Text and me. My text for you. 

  • Creating texts for brochures and marketing materials 

  • Designing documents 

  • Revising speeches and presentations 

Learning is a matter of motivation, and so is teaching! 

Mastering knowledge transfer with a focus on adult education is one of my main interests. 
My additional qualifications in adult education, my lecturing activities at international conferences, the development of training resources, as well as the implementation of training courses for sales representatives and customers worldwide has equipped me with the essential tools . 

  • Preparing training materials 

  • Holding trainings, lectures, and workshops 

  • Creating control questions for learning success 

  • Didactic revision of documents and presentations 

Type and scope of the text to be created determine the costs. A cost estimate is free of charge. 

My offer for you:

Why not send a newsletter to your loyal clients? 

With a few charming, informative lines, combined with a special offer depending on your product range, you call yourself to mind and can provide innovative ideas! 

Package 1:

I will revise your message for optimal customer benefit (1 page) ... € 60.- 


Package 2:
I will create a one-page reader-friendly text based on the keywords you provide, to be customized or completed as desired (e.g.: insertion of personal salutation or coupon) ... € 90.- 

Your text and me. My text for you.